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GOD 06

Bernhard Lang / Philip Jeck
Alter Ego


Bernhard Lang, composition
Philip Jeck, turntables

Alter Ego:
Manuel Zurria, flutes
Paolo Ravaglia, clarinets
Aldo Campagniari, violin
Francesco Dillon, violoncello
Oscar Pizzo, keyboards
Eugenio Vatta, sound projection

                                                Philip Jeck © Andrew Bowman



A project by Bernhard Lang and Alter Ego with Philip Jeck

for turntables and amplified ensemble, based on the song by Amon Düül 2

TablesAreTurned is the first collaboration between one of the most significant austrian composers of today, Bernhard Lang, and prominent english turntablist Philip Jeck.
There is no doubt that mutual interested in loop technique, led to the musical colaboration between two artists, connecting the worlds of academic philosophy with underground aesthetic.

Unlike his previous works, where Lang was able to transform an ensemble into a big loop generator (his series of Differenz / Wiederholung pieces, accomplished with magnum opus opera, monumental Das Theater der Wiederholungen/The Theatre of Repetitions), here he is turning into celular automata, generating counterpoint based on the rest of the loops.
On the other side, Jeck offers a dozen of low - fi locked grooves, making the perfect extended interludes between powerful ensemble episodes.

Premiered at Berlinerfestspiele, but also performed at Wien Modern and Huddersfield Contamporary Music Festival, the piece is now available for the first time in limited double - vinyl edition.

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